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Our paramount objective is the meticulous construction of aesthetically pleasing modern structures, achieved through rigorous planning and innovative design. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our architectural designs and proficient construction management. Operating as a full-service building construction company, we possess the capability to undertake diverse commercial or residential projects. Our comprehensive design/build service empowers us to supervise every facet of the construction process, resulting in heightened precision in estimations and accelerated completion of challenging projects.

Furthermore, our profound understanding of the construction industry, coupled with adept labor management skills, has led to our successful provision of civil construction services in St. Lucia. Adhering strictly to established building standards, we ensure the delivery of services characterized by the utmost quality at competitively affordable pricing.

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Civil & Structural Concrete Construction

We do Civil Structural Concrete Construction Works from the foundation to the finishing stage, which includes formwork, steelwork, and concrete pouring. The final stage of task execution is de-shuttering the concrete surfaces, laying and installing the electrical (low and high voltage) and plumbing network infrastructure, and finishing the concrete surfaces. Foundations, Substructures, and Superstructures are all part of our structural construction work.

Architectural and Finishing Works

Finishing works/placo, painting, and marble floor/wall laying. Fixing granite/marble on facades, walls, and floors Joinery work such as doors, windows, parquet flooring, and palco work are all fixed. Painting, tiling, scribing, and other decorative work False Ceiling, Dry Partitions

How to build a home in St. Lucia while being away

Plastering and Masonry Work

We work on a variety of masonry projects, including the installation of solid/ hollow/ aerated cement concrete blocks, brick and stone masonry, as well as various types of plaster, including ornamental varieties.

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We do all forms of pre-cast works, such as wall/ slab panels, beams, staircases, lintels, and manholes, are cast and erected by us.

We specialise in the turnkey construction of pre-engineered structures and related civil and allied tasks for Office Complexes and other projects.

For HVAC work (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), we provide a highly skilled and qualified crew. RedFin Ltd. collaborates with reputable contractors to complete HVAC, plumbing, and electrical projects.

We need Human Resources to operate all infrastructure facilities, such as cranes, excavators, backhoes, JCBs, and concrete pumps. We hire the greatest mechanics, such as petrol / diesel mechanics to manage our workshops. Staff such as foremen, timekeepers, storekeepers, land surveyors, Quantity Surveyors, Architects, Planning Engineers, skilled and unskilled tradesmen, and so on are also available. We also provide catering personnel for expats, such as continental cooks with supporting staff for running a contemporary kitchen, and handle their passports, visas, immigration, mobilization, demobilization, accommodation, St Lucia Real Estate, boarding, medical, and insurance, among other things. We also supply Excavators, backhoes, Trucks and vans and other construction equipment operators.

Waterproofing and insulation are critical components of all modern structures. It has direct influence on the temperature and has an impact on the transport of moisture into and out of the building areas. For all types of Water Proofing and Insulation Work, we provide qualified and trained personnel.

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